Starting off with a question: would the stock market count as a game? In essence, it’s a mostly legalized form of informed gambling that CAN POSSIBLY take advantage of the uninformed participant. In the physical form, we have names for games like that like Blackjack, Twenty-One, Texas Hold’em, etc…

Moving a little away from that thought, perhaps there is an argument that proves that stocks are not a game. Fine. Then that argument must concede that they stocks have many qualities inherent in video games.

Another step away from that thought. Would a simulator of the stock market, where one can invest FAKE money into a FAKE market that reflects the current REAL situation count as a game? I would argue yes. Then how effective are these simulations in exposing people to the very very real thing in reality they’re mimicking?

Another example is a flight simulator. In the beginning, newbie pilots are usually started off on a computer before being put in a very expensive and fuel guzzling aircraft. My question to you is: will we ever move away from partial training on a simulation before completion into the real product? or will one day come where all the training takes place virtually before launching the poor chap into the very, very real reality?

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