Ok, so I’m living my life listening to a gaming podcast (like a cool guy) when Kratos, player character of the God of War series, comes up in the convo. Long story short, the gang bash Kratos for being the most bloodlustiest piece of garbage, because he kills his family on accident when trying to kill other people’s families and has no rational basis for being so violent.

Now I was a wee lad when I played through the main trilogy, and I never played the other games, but I didn’t remember Kratos as being so blatantly wrong about everything. I mean, he’s definitely hyper-aggressive, but I thought he had an understandable, though not necessarily persuasive, reason for wanting to kill the gods no matter what.

So I looked at the GOW wiki, and after looking at Pandora’s Box and Kratos’s bio, I can now confidently say that Kratos did nothing stupidly wrong (though he could’ve made better time travel choices). The dude from the get-go was violent, but he was a human kinda violent (for that time period). It was after the gods stole his brother and Ares cast god-frenzy that my guy became the bloodlord cursed to wear his family’s ashes. Admittedly, Kratos did pledge to serve Ares (so he did kill a bunch of people), but when you add the fact that serving Ares even made the Furies become ruthless and that Kratos fought so much he knew his blade better than his kid, it kinda makes sense how he became like feral Wolverine. Even then, Ares purposefully misdirected and mind-warped Kratos (his everfaithful warrior) into killing his family. So yeah, he wasn’t a horrible monster until Ares made him into one.

The GOW3 ending, cataclysmic as it is, also shows Kratos’s bloodlust to not be stupidly overblown, but to explain that would mean going through like 3 games, and I only touched on Ghost of Sparta for the previous paragraph.

Tl;dr Kratos’s story is basically Wolverine’s “everybody mind controls/tortures me or kills my loved ones, so I want revenge,” and even then his revenge brings about a phoenix story. I don’t really expect anyone to change their mind about the God of War, but I still want to protect my sweet ashen one.