Just like how technology is moving towards a time in which the moment is the most important segment of experiencing these minuscule but momentarily monumental moments and online phenomenons, games also seem to be able to encapsulate the idea of really experiencing the moment, and the idea of having to be there to know and understand. In the game Quadrilateral Cowboy, as the game progresses there is a buildup of information and tools one can use in order to solve increasingly challenging puzzles, all done with the visuals that are similar to a virtual reality adventure. The game shows the idea of being in the moment with both the visual first person perspective, as well as a concept behind the method to solving different puzzles being that one had to be in the game from the beginning in order to go further into the game; merely being dropped in the middle would do no good, and befuddle the player.

On another note, it seems as though this idea of living in the moment creates a societal fear of missing out, and the pressure of having to constantly be in sync with what is going on. What do you think of this modernization of technology and its effects on community?