My experience with the Choose Your Own Adventure novel was relatively pleasant. I chose Journey Under the Sea because I had recently read a Korean book about survival on sea, and the idea of expedition under the sea intrigued me. In my first read through the book, I decided to stay true to myself, as if I were the protagonist. I noticed that I was very reserved in my choices, seeking the safer option every time. I ended up being captured by the evil King and sent to jail. On my second read through, I took a more carefree approach, and to my surprise, I was successful in my journey, capturing the evil king and getting a happy ending.

More than my experience, however, I wanted to discuss the captivating aspect in these Choose Your Own Adventure novels. Compared to the Twine games, I think the books somehow engaged me more in the story. One captivating part for me was the physicality of a paper book. Instead of clicking buttons to see text change on a web page, the act of flipping through different pages, anticipating new storylines, and visualizing those scenes in my mind was completely different and more exciting than playing a twine game. What do you think is more/less unique about CYOA compared to Twine games?