Ok, so I haven’t been the most objective in my reviews so far. I get that. There should probably be a review that points out the pros and cons of a game, so the reader can make a more informed decision. With this being my last post, I will dedicate this review to the objectivity it deserves. It’s with this mission that I now tackle Bloodborne.

Oh my gosh, this is top-tier gameplay at its finest! Heart-pumping battles with monsters that would make Victorian horrors seem like teletubbies! Transforming weaponry that allows for varied approaches to battles that could mean death after 2-3 hits! A death mechanic that requires the player to immediately surpass their previous performance, else they lose all the currency they have accumulated between checkpoints (which happen to be far and few between)! The game is harsh and unforgiving, and the second playthrough (which is all but required) amps up the challenge! There may be hours or days of frustration, but that anger is directed at you, because you know that you can when if you just get better. And when you do finally cash in your money, beat that boss, and finish the game, you are hit with the greatest sense of accomplishment that even sports stars fail to reach after winning a championship tournament. Basically, Bloodborne is the best (and yes, this is my objective review).