Over my extremely long life I’ve heard many recount the joy of Dungeons and Dragons. The co-op adventuring experience, coupled with an infinite amount of ways to progress through a story, is the perfect game to play. Yet, I still haven’t mustered up the courage to gather a group of friends for hours of fun. Reason being, the platform of traditional DnD is not the most engaging for new players. Being led by a gamemaster’s words and the randomness of a physical dice role while sitting around a tabletop board doesn’t bring forth the idea of “fun” for people like me. That’s where Divinity comes in.

While there are certainly other games that can be categorized as digital tabletops (Pillars of Eternity and Baldur’s Gate), Divinity Original Sin 2 has the best mix of accessibility and variable gameplay. The game supports PS4 and XBONE controllers, in addition to the expected mouse and keyboard for this genre. The number and variety of character classes and abilities grant a lot of freedom, and the UI displays these things in an easy-to-understand manner. Some may feel the story, in being a sequel, would be difficult to understand properly/. However, Original Sin 2 uses its previous installments for world building alone, allowing the main quest, side stories, and characters to stand alone. Most importantly, the game allows 1-4 character to be controlled by 1-4 people, enabling you to have a DnD experience alone or with friends.

If you’ve ever wanted to play DnD, but for some reason you haven’t, try this game.