“Hey! What are you doing? Not playing God of War? Pray tell, why?!”

If you don’t have a PS4 or PS4+, then just saying so usually makes those who speak the quoted lines shake their heads, murmur “oh, ok” and look up to the sky with a single tear. You just can’t play the game, so it’s unfair to continue praising one of the best action-adventures to date. But if you do have the appropriate console, the funds, and the time… You need to get on this fast.

The 2018 God of War is quality at everything it does. The graphical fidelity makes player-character Kratos seem exactly like what he is, a middle-father with sordid history of warrior who couldn’t even begin to read a moral compass. The interactions Kratos has with his son, Atreus, are of a Last of Us quality, and in combat the two tag-team off of each other in a cool way that mixes well with the story. Be it the open world mini-adventures, the level min-maxing, or the puzzles, God of War is an awesome ride that all who can should ride.