A lot of games have objectives. Sometimes it might be getting through an obstacle or defeating an enemy. But some games exist without these objects. Games like Minecraft emphasize freedom and doing whatever you want with the tools you’re given. You could say that there is an objective, and that is to not die, but creative mode gets around this by not having death as an option. I think it’s really interesting how people can construct their own objectives when not given any. When a platform is presented, there are endless possibilities to how the platform can be used or explored. Stories that we make for ourselves aren’t limited by the platform, just by our imagination.

Therefore, I have to ask, are winning objectives important for making a successful game? Do we really need to have a sense of accomplishment rewarded to us? I think not. I think a lot of sandbox games do a great job at getting around this. I feel as if the satisfaction of creating something fro your own imagination, without necessarily being told how or what to do, is greater. In my opinion, a lot of triple-A games today don’t provide this kind of challenge enough. In a lot of games, you have conveniences like fast travel or waypoint markers, which takes away some of the immersion. These games might be able to improve by adding modes where some of those conveniences aren’t available. What do you think?