I had known Tomb Raider since Angelina Jolie’s movie. I did not know that there existed a mobile game for this action movie, so I was excited to see what the game would present. Having played it, I was very disappointed. It seemed as though the controls were not made with this game in mind. Touchscreen, in my opinion, does not fit a game that demands so many games and accurate movements. Furthermore, the lag time between player action and game response made the game more frustrating than ever. For example, I found myself having to time my jumps earlier than normal for the system to register the action. The graphics were also not good. In some areas of the cave, it was difficult to determine the different heights of platforms, etc. Overall, I think the game was of poor quality, and only those of the highest devotion to Tomb Raider would appreciate it as a tribute to the Tomb Raider world. It brought me to realize the importance of the controller in the game. Photo-2014-12-10-13-38-42.jpg